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Transformed: Changing Hearts. Changing Minds. Changing You.

Every year in our youth program we have tried to have a theme that will guide us through our year. For last few it has been simply GROW! This year we have decided to do something a little different, we have decided to make our theme a serious challenge. The 2009 youth theme will be "Transformed: Changing Hearts. Changing Minds. Changing You."  The goal of this theme is twofold, to transform the lives of our own teenagers and to help them to transform the lives of another teenager.

First, in order to transform the lives of our teens they need to have a plan. We are going to devote ourselves to serious everyday bible study, through our bible study challenge. Each teen will be given a journal and they will have 30 days to read one book of the Bible. In that journal they will write down their thoughts and their questions that they may have. This will serve as a guide for them as they journey through the bible together.

Furthermore, they will also be challenges to reach out. Each teenager has a goal of just bring one friend to Christ this year. They have chosen the person and they will work on transforming the life of that person. We want them to focus on being able to evangelize to their peers and realizing that every person has a soul that needs to be saved. If we can do this it will transform our group as a whole and make it stronger.

As you can see we truly want to transform our group. We want them to be the best teens for Christ anyone has ever seen. If you would like more information on our program this year please feel free to contact us.

Ben Wright is our full-time youth minister.
He became the Youth minister here in May 2007.
He and his wife Emilee have both been a key part of our youth growth.
Please feel free to contact Ben at